"This book energizes entrepreneurs & gives encouragement through practical examples and experiences. It compels one to take action now."

Mike Volker, Entrepreneur & NAO Angel Investor Of The Year

About The Book

David Greer has a mission: to take his 35 years of entrepreneurial experience and share it with others to accelerate their success. Of all the things an entrepreneur can focus on, getting clear on the strategy and purpose of your business drives progress the fastest.

Whether it’s strategic focus on your markets and products, the customers you serve, or the culture you build to allow your employees to grow in their careers, as a hard driven entrepreneur, David shares both the theory and the practices that deliver success.

A life-long sailor, David relates his personal experiences to the challenges of growing a business. While you can beat your way against the wind, successful entrepreneurs learn to harness their efforts to seamlessly blow them in the direction they want to go. Read Wind In Your Sails for one-hour and gain three ideas to accelerate your business in the next 90 days.

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By David Greer

Praise For 'Wind In Your Sails'

  • "I never had any idea how challenging it would be to start and build a business - that the process would be so all-consuming and emotional at times. Entrepreneurs will identify with David Greer's book, which explores the strange and wonderful path of the entrepreneur without any sugar coating."
    ~ Ken Simpson, Founder & CEO MailChannels
  • "I've known David Greer for many years as an entrepreneur and marketing specialist so I'm delighted to see David's book address key issues impacting businesses. As every great sailor is better with a good wind, great business owners need smart strategies to improve their company. David brings decades of relevant experience and has demonstrated he truly wants to help business owners succeed."
    ~ Doug Anderson, Founder DA Top Talent
  • "Perhaps this book should have been called ‘Wind In Your Sales’ as David brings a fresh perspective to the challenge of being an entrepreneur and keeping focus on what is important."
    ~ Birket Foster, CEO MB Foster Associates
  • "David is all about creating immediate results through meaningful actions and his book is no different. Read it and grow. Period."
    ~ Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte, Co-Founder LeapZone Strategies
  • "If you’re looking for a book that will get you sailing in the right direction and also let you gauge the winds of economic change then this book is for you. The advice and insight found in this book will help any entrepreneur captaining their business away from economic disaster and into the blue waters or profit and growth for years to come."
    ~ Bob Garlick, Host of BusinessBookTalk.com

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Wind In Your Sails

About David Greer

David is the catalyst who gets you to fully live your dreams now. After time with him you feel equally scared and hopeful. Scared at the audacity of your dreams and hopeful because you have someone in your corner with the experience and desire to see your dreams become real.

Spend one hour reading his book, attend a one hour talk with him, or get one hour of 1-to-1 coaching and you will have 3 concrete action items that will shift and accelerate your business within 90 days.

David and his wife Karalee are committed to each other and their three children, spending time supporting them in the many and varied activities they are involved with. They live in Vancouver, Canada. Learn more at http://coachdjgreer.com.


Recent Press

  • Lead by Creating Leaders
    The most important job of a CEO is to create more leaders.
  • Honoring The Spirit
    The death of a close friend reminded David of how we need to honour our own and our employees grieving.
  • Leaders Set The Tone
    How we show up every day has a massive impact on those we lead.

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Wind In Your Sails

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Written with refreshing clarity and profound insight, Wind In Your Sails is a must-read for entrepreneurs interested in gaining focus for their business and accelerating now.

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